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World Way International School
(Affiliated to CBSE Bharat) CBSE Affiliation No. 1030248 ,School Code-14106
Student Club


This club is to enhance and develop self efficacy and confidence of the scholars. It promises to cultivable a passion of quizzing, debating, creative writing, literature elocution in the students.                                     Vision:-   To enhance the literary and communication life skills of the scholars.                                             Goal:-                                                                                                                                                                     vSharpening the skills of logical, analytical of creative thinking approach to work in a global community.             vIt helps in boosting up of positive habits like reading and independent research.                                             vTo develop communication skills and teaches the students to think spontaneously.



Health is the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of an individual. Health club in schools can favorably influence the habits, attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community.                  Vision:-  Healthy life, Productive life. I am happy, I will make others happy.                                                      Goal:- The goal of club is to provide students with knowledge, skills, capacities value and enthusiasm to                   mold health lifestyle. 


This mission of services is to enable our socially to live in dignity and to provide necessary support for them to promote their sense of belonging, sense of security and sense of worthiness. To promote the welt being of society in all aspects of their life through the provision of a wide spectrum of services to enable them to remain living in the community for as long as possible. 

Vision:- The club envision a global community in which our students serve as ethical social work, leaders who promote social and economic justice along with health and well being for individual, families and communities.

Goal:-  “Motto-Sharing is caring” the goal of the club is to educate and prepare students to become effective, ethical and competent social workers by providing equality and divers leaving opportunities towards the betterment of human condition within the state, nationally and internationally.


Vision:- To help students retain and enhance their own, individual love of music. 

Goal:-   To promote all students participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical activities 

             and to promote an outlet for all students interested in music. 


Vision:-  Our vision is to explore the hidden talents of our children of we have to polish their skills. 

Objective:-  If how they can start their day with the positive energy and they make their mind cool and 

                   relaxed with the help of meditation and yoga.  

Goal of meditation:-  The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential motive 

                                  which is described as peace.



Vision:-  To ensure that all students acquire and use knowledge, skills and behaviors, necessary to 

              become productive and successful members of society.

Mission:-   As teachers, we challenge ourselves to effectively integrate resources, strategies and content 

                 knowledge to engage students in understanding science concepts and making real world 



"World Way International School" was established by "Mahendra Shiksha Samiti", Bhopal in the year 2004. The School is co-euducaiton, English Medium and affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.